Broken Screw Eyes

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dochollow    10

does anyone else have trouble with screws snapping when being installed :pissed: i am useing a .042 dia. drill with a .057 dia. screw with super glue :? i am pretty shure i am getting the screw in before the glue sets up. do you use a lube? thanx, doc

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RayburnGuy    1,334

I'm no expert Doc, but I try to size my drill bits so the hole is the diameter of the shank minus the thread. That way the threads are the only thing trying to dig into the wood. It might not hurt to thread your screws in and then back them out before you apply the glue. Not sure this is the proper way to do it, but on the baits I've built with screw eyes it's worked for me. No doubt you will get more experienced answers as there are quite a few folks who use screw eyes. Good luck.


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mark poulson    1,680

The right size pilot hole is critical. Harder woods need larger holes.

Running them in dry, and then back out again before you coat them with glue, like Ben says, helps.

Also, use a brush-on or gap filling super glue, so you have some time.

And sst screw eyes are the way to go, like Nathan said.

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