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Mark, If you coat the bills; how do you keep the line tie clean? I dip mine like you do, when the dripping stops; I walk outside in the sunlite and turn by hand for about two minutes; them put on a lure turner for a hour; then hang the bait up.


I actually only coated some old Poe's bills that had been assembled wrong.  I used a heat gun to soften the bills and twist them so they were level to the crossways center line of the baits, and then dipped both the bills and the baits in Solarez.  I hoped the resin would add some strength to the bill material, in case the heating and twisting had weakened them.  They have held up for more than a year.

When I dipped those baits, I put a paper clip through the line tie and used that to hold them in the resin when dipping.  Afterwards, I use the same paper clip to hold the baits while they dripped off back into my dipping jar.

Once the baits had stopped dripping, I cleaned the last drop off of the bottom, made sure the hook hangers were clear, grabbed the belly hanger with some forceps, removed the paper clip and cleaned out the line tie, then put a clean paper clip into the line tie, and used that to suspend the bait in the UV light box until it was cured.

I was able to clean off any cured resin that got into the line tie afterwards using some fine pliers to break it, and then cleaned up with a piece of sst wire chucked in my cordless drill. 

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Ok i got the stuff today.I put it on a wooden lure. Did 3 coats first 2 i brushed on 3rd one i dipped and hanged for i would say about 10 minutes.I got to say it cures to a pretty hard finish.The smell aint to bad but is kinda shocking at first.I have noticed the bait an hour after curing still has a slight smell to it? is that normal?' and if so how long till that usually goes away?

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yea i let it set a little longer and the smell went away i do think that dipping is not the way to go.brushing seems to leave a lot better overall finish.This stuff is hard I even foiled a wood lure and it coated it just fine.It aint that bad really.I got to work with it more to get use to it but I did not notice the haze on my darker baits or anything.I know i shook the can up each time i put it on the bait as well.But i basically just put together a whole balsa crank in a matter of minutes and that even included painting.So fast.I dont got a uv light so i was using the sun.It still worked flawlessley.Where i didn't have anything built to hang them on i had to hold them so one spot on my bait has a spot on it where i touched it to early before the resin was cured all the way.I am going to try it again tomorrow with something built to hang it on.I really do believe i can get a flawless finish with this stuff.Need to fish it though before i can comment on durability.But it is hard if not harder then devcon.

I also got some nano quartz i tried it on a lure but for some reason it turned a high gray color and also had big crystal liek chunks.Im goign to try it again though as well.Might of had something on the lure that reacted with it.

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