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Dispensing E-tex

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I have the 16 oz bottles of E-tex. Is there an easy way to dispense this to pour out equal amounts? I was thinking like another screw on cap, that has a flip up nozzle. Like the small Createx paint bottles. I clear coat jigs, so I'm only squeezing out about a dime size glob of each. The resin and the hardener. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Check out diamond ll.com. They have self sealing inserts that will fit in top on bottle plus syringes. They also have pumps and other style caps. Look under epoxy accessories. I ordered the insert, syringe package for around 5 dollars. The inserts I ordered were to small so I drilled a hole in the etex bottle caps to make them work.


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Hey Cadman.

With Etex's reputation for being fussy about being mixed just so or being sticky, I did like rodmakers do with their finish that needs precise measuring. I drilled the bottle caps so that the plastic end of a veternary syringe fits as a "stopper." Fast, easy, precise measurement - just draw the syringes back slightly when you're done so they don't stick, and DON'T get the resin syringe crossed with the hardener syringe or they will REALLY stick. (You may also have to trim the outside of the syringe to get down to the "inner barrel" and you probably want a smaller syringe than I used - it's what I had on hand.)



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