Solid Color Lure Eyes

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Any craft store in the scapbooking/card making section. They have all different kinds of adhesive bling that can be used as eyes. I have found some really cool iridescent ones that make great walleye eyes.

Michaels / JoAnns Fabrics (I get weird looks in here buying rhinestone stickers, fishnet fabrics and wedding vails) / Hobby Lobby...any place like that


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You take clear hotmelt glue(the small sticks) with the little melt gun. Parchment paper or something that the glue will not readily stick to. Make a bunch of drops of glue at the size you require.

After the glue cools lift the eyes you want to use then paint the flat side with permanent marker.

There is your "smokey eyes".

That's how I make the eyes for "Buzz the Mouse". Check the gallery to see the effect.


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They make all kinds of holographic foil as well. Find a hole punch the same size as the eyes your wanting and cut circles out of the holographic foil to use on the back of a clear eye.


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