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Hey Fellas,

I've been a member for awhile here but have not been very active in posting. In the past I have focused on large musky plug building, this year I would like to try my hand at smaller walleye trolling and crank baits. I find it more difficult to do the smaller builds.

I'm interested in your opinions on the circuit board lips? I typically use lexan or metal. Any pointers on the best source for circuit board or thin lexan?

Thanks fellas I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving!


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As far as circuit board goes, mist people think it is stronger than lexan, which it is on paper (data sheet) in many ways, but in practical fishing application I prefer lexan because it just seems to hold up better in general for myself. Also I like the fact that because lexan is clear it does not add to the "profile" of the bait. But as a hobby lure maker I find that it all depends on your desired outcome.

For a lip source, I like CB Custom Lips. They do all work custom so you can get any size or material, and they are priced about the same as other sites that don't offer custom designs. Here's the website:

Please repost on your progress... I am very interested in walleye crankbaits myself!

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