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Position the lure so that it is just off of the bottom of the cup (this is more of a reference point for when the lure is submerged in rtv)


I recommend brushing rtv on the lure before completely submerging. This eliminates any chance of air bubbles getting trapped against the lure.


Draw a reference line to cut with the exacto (I actually recommend marking the cup if you are not using a clear rtv). I try to cut down the back of the lure.


I set up this pour with a lip that I leave in the rtv to make my slot (I just coat it with petroleum jelly in between pours). I also do not cut more than necessary to avoid as many seam lines.


Rub some petroleum jelly on the outside of the mold and press back into the solo cup. Pour your resin of choice.


Pop out the finished product and trim.

Hope this helps. I haven't made a 2 piece mold since trying this method. Also, I must give credit, if it were not for the slip mold tutorial I probably would have never tried this.

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I was pouring a mold the other day and over estimated how much I needed. I mix in a large plastic solo cup and wanted to do something with the excess RTV. So I shoved an extra lip I had into the RTV. The lip was positioned vertical in the RTV with just the very tip sicking out (end that is inserted into the lure). When it dried, I cut along the sides about half way down the lip. Yanked it out and poured some resin in.

It worked like a charm. Although I have not been able to make any really clear lips (always getting bubbles), if you don't mind a solid colored lip, the solo cup mold worked perfect.

A-Mac, nice explination/ photo tutorial you put together.

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Thanks. Another tip for adding the resin: I use a 20ml syringe with a huge needle (a large animal needle) and inject into the mold through the pour spout. I think it helps force air bubbles out of the mold, let alone being a much cleaner process than pouring. The 20ml syringes are very nice for measuring out smaller quantities of each resin part too. Just remember to rinse your new syringe with acetone to remove any oils/lubricants.

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