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My New "C-Baits"

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Hey Yall! I just released my "C-Bait"! Copyright came in the mail today!!


Go ahead! LOL :lol: Let me have it for Covering it in Envirotex!

Take Care!

Chip :D

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Yah... I copyrighted the name... Colors and the shape is difficult or just plain no chance to copyright. Everything looks like a minnow, etc... lol

I am not sure about molds, but my molds for plastic are so common looking that it didnt even cross my mind..

$30 dollars to file the application

Basic Registrations

(Fee to accompany an application and deposit for registration of a claim to copyright)

Form TX or Short Form TX $ 30

Form VA or Short Form VA $ 30

Form PA or Short Form PA $ 30

Form SE or Short Form SE $ 30

Form SR $ 30


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