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I have been looking at buying the HP-CR for sometime now, but I thought I would see what everyone thought of it before I did. I would like to know the good and the bad about the airbrush. If you have one now and like it or had one and didn't like it. The CR has a .5mm needle which I think would work great for thicker paint or glitter paint. I also paint bigger lures so I don't need really fine detail. You can get the .35mm conversion kit for this airbrush if needed. I would like to stay under $100.

Let me know what you think?



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BobP    834

I really like the Revolution series of airbrushes. Iwata quality and performance at a more moderate price. They just lack some of the latest bells and whistles like the trigger adjust (+) and the MAC valve. I use a Revolution BR with the smaller cup and .3mm tip for painting bass baits and think that tip size is "just right" for general bass bait painting. It will shoot fine flake paint. Can't comment about .5mm tips 'cause I've never used one.

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mark poulson    1,701

I have an Iwata gravity feed with a .35 tip that I do 95% of my painting with, and it will shoot almost everything.

If you're painting big baits, and a lot of them, I'd suggest you also by a some kind of a suction brush. Having the glass jars gives you a lot more paint to work with, and you can store mixed paint in the jars, too.

Mine has a .5 tip, so it shoots just about everything.

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