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Transparent Holographic Film

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Has anyone found a source for the transparent holographic film that Jim at Predator Baits has on his 1.5 squarebills?

It is a great clear water option on clear plastic baits. Flash but hard to see actual body shapes, so a bigger, easier to cast bait looks smaller.

It looks like it's heat shrink, too, which would really be a great feature, too.

But I've struck out, so far.

I will happily buy his baits, but, so far, he only offers the 1.5 with that feature, and I want some for other baits, especially his X80 jerkbaits.

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Thanks guys, but they don't have what I'm looking for.

The transparent holographic film that Predator uses on his 1.5 squarebills is almost invisible, but it really stands out and flashes in clear water.

I asked Jim if he could get other baits made with it, or if he could sell it by itself, but he said he can't right now.

Too bad.

He did say he'd see if he could do something on his next order.

Fingers crossed.

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