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Acc And D2t Combo

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ACC is a great cushion for D2T. Ive been fishing with this combo now for about 3 months, and I have had almost no "edge" damage/ fractures of the D2T that I normally see after a bunch of hookups with toothy Sea trout.

Pliers and hooks being wedged against more sharply radiused edges usually result in some pretty big chunks of D2T missing during many fights and releases (pliers).

The ACC definitely shows abuse, but underneath, the rock hard D2T is in excellent shape. The plug mite look a little frazzled with hook rash and tooth marks, but can easily be stripped of the ACC by scraping it off with a hard plastic scraper, leaving the Devcon intact for repainting/refinishing.

Most of my plugs have foil under the Devcon, then paint hilites- then the ACC.It so flexible, I can scrape and repaint a plug without much effort, and it looks good as new. The ACC holds very well to lightly scuffed D2T even when there are big bare patches where the hook rash is doing the most damage.

Kinda like a laminated windshield.

I tried 2 coats of ACC and the durability was even better, but I run out of patience having baits on the turner so long.

I also noticed the weight differential was smaller than I had first calculated. 1.1 A to 1. B. I let it rest for 15 minutes after mixing.

This combo has worked extremely well with big balsa topwaters that are sealed with superglue-painted-D2T-ACC. Im gonna post some pics of the big balsa topwater baits in the gallery.

Good huntin


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It's a coat of Devon followed by a coat of ACC.?...The two are not combined together is that correct?...Nathan

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Thats rite Nathan.

Every step is seperate and allowed to fully cure.

So, if I apply foil, I then apply one coat of D2T, and cure for at least one day. Then lighlty scuff with very fine scotchbrite. I paint my hilites and let that cure, no scuff this time. Then one coat of ACC. I want that ACC too be pretty thick, so I let the batch rest for at least 15 minutes to free bubbles and let it thicken a little.

I also just prime and paint solid schemes with no foil on some plugs, then -D2T-scuff-ACC. This is even easier to redo since the whole color scheme is under the Devcon. Just re-apply the ACC.

Like I said b4, the ACC will look ratty after a coupla dozen battles, but the Devcon will rarely chip away near the thinner areas where the small radius' are. Devcon hates corners. ACC is better here.

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