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DaveG    7

I use pin or small nail, tap it into the lure making sure its centered and glue for added security, then I superglue around the pin and the base of the soft tail then simply push on and hold for a few minutes,  I avoid the normal runny superglue and go for a gel type which wont run, Gorilla superglue is best, once ths tail set I run a line of glue around around to seal. 

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diemai    228

............you might as well place a matching bore into the tail end to accomodate your grub's tail , a small crosswise bore lined with some plastic , -or metal tubing accommodates a small wire pin or a toothpick .


More time-consuming and eloborate to build , but in my opinion makes up for a more reliable and sturdy than the corkscrew described by Ben above .




(also check following picture)


By all means you'd need a proper topcoat on your lure , preferable epoxy , if you don't want to discover a sticky mess in your tacklebox after some time of storing your lure in there .


                                                            Good luck , diemai :yay:


PS : Welcome to the TackleUnderground , ...hope , you'd enjoy yourself in here !

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mark poulson    1,702

Tacklewarehouse,  or Lurecraft, or somebody, sells sst hitch hikers that you can glue into the base of your bait.  If you can get the ones with the centering pins they are easier to use, since the plastic goes on straight ever time, but they're more expensive.

I suppose you could just make your own centering pin by gluing a piece of sst wire into the center of the hitch hiker, but I'm too lazy to do that.

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markinorf    11




A nail with a deep hole in the center. Cut a slot down the middle. Double and twist together .02 stainless wire. Insert the twisted end into the hole. Grab one wire and pull in down into the slot. Wind it tightly around the nail. Cut to suit. The result should be a guided corkscrew with a twisted end that can be glued/ screwed into a pilot hole. Took me a few trys to get it rite.

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