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Hey all- I'm looking for some ideas for storing baits during the painting and finishing process. Sometimes there is a lag time between turning, priming and painting. During that time I may do a different project in the shop. Ideally it would be enclosed to prevent any dust getting on the baits. I do all my building and painting in the same shop. I make musky lures that are 6-8 inches long. I'm hoping to find a way to simply and cheaply do this. Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions

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You could build a rack that would hold your baits out of scrap lumber and just place a cardboard box over the rack until your ready to go back to work on them. You can pick up scrap lumber from building sites and cardboard boxes from grocery stores. Doesn't get much cheaper than that.



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@ Member


Ben's suggestion really is the cheapest way to go , ....but would not match my own situation .


Doing just like you , I'm carving , turning painting and topcoating my lures in just one room , ..but I simply lack the space for such a rack covered up with a cardboard box , .........I'd rather spend some money buying a few bigger stowaway plastic boxes sporting changeable dividers in a tool mart , ......sometimes these are on special sales(using such boxes for lure storage in general , anyway) ,....... they usually come quite a bit cheaper than special lures boxes from the tackle shop , least over here in Germany .


These boxes I can slide into any vacant corners or gaps available , place them into cupboards or into my wall racks , etc ....!


So far I haven't yet proceeded the way you intend to do , ....just having dozens of readily shaped blanks around and dumped into some shoe cardboard boxes ,....... but once I'd start the finishing , I'd take it to an end before making woodchips and dust again .


If you'd go that track , make sure  that you'd use different boxes for sheer blanks and primed or halfway painted blanks each , as the pure timber ones would have some dust still sticking to them , which would surely settle inside of the box and later stick to halfway painted lures as well , if they should be placed into that very box either . 


Just my two cents , ...good luck , ...cheers , diemai :yay:

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