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Replicating a Crankbait


Trebles, Figure 8 hook holders, Split rings, tall enough container, glue, BBs (or whatever weight system), (veg.oil for the molding), Plaster of Paris, Clay, Varathane Polyurethane 200041H (blue bucket at local hardware store) (OR MELT PLASTIC BOTTLES), and of course crankbait "X"


1.  Mix Plaster of Paris in the container (basic)

                        - Remove crankbait "X" split rings and trebles

2. When the P.O.P. is settle but not harden, place the crankbait "x" half way (Be Precise) into the P.O.P as well as place holes into the P.O.P for the second half to come (place holes close o (but not really close) (2 part mold like)

3. Use the veg. oil and place it ontop of the crankbait "X" and the top layer of P.O.P. as well (it won't be stuck when pulling out the second half.

4. Fill the container of Plaster of Paris till the Crankbait is covered just over enough with P.O.P. and (let it harden and remove the second half)

5. Now you have 2 parts of that crankbait "X" shell (now it gets seriously tough)

6. With a rectangular shape clay form (Longer in width & Length for the crankbait "X" size) PRECISELY cut the desired thickness for the crankbait "X" for both halfs

7.Lay and press down nicely the clay into the shells of crankbait "X"....Cut off extra clay if need be and smooth it out (TAKE YOUR TIME ON THIS PART!!) X2

8. As you have finished with this depending on what you want to do you can make the chambers where a crankbait's "X" rattles will be placed. (For me there are two chambers and I previously cut out a similar crankbait "X" for exact detail) X2

9. Made these chambers with the clay and for the Crankbait "X" that I used had the figure 8 loops embedded into plastic so I made just like on the Cranlbait "X" with clay as substitute of the plastic and made a "platform" to the end figure 8 in the P.O.P and in the clay for the back and middle hooks also possibility the bill figure 8 or the nose of the bait) X2

                           ---For the bill leave a gap (slot) in the clay to have the liquid plastic come in

10. After clay has dried place one side (left or right) into the container and fill it will P.O.P. and let it dry and remove..(BE CAREFUL pulling the mold out) (X2) (separately)

11. Now there is a positive P.O.P. of the inner chamber,...cut off closely and then sand the positive half bill (X2)

12. Place the molded shell of Crankbait "X" with the Varathane Poly. in the shell (add enough) into the container then add the positive chamber mold of that side ontop the shell of Crankbait "X" let it dry and harden....(X2)

13. Remove the mold carefully and you'll have a split crankbait "X"..add BBs (or whatever weight system) and figure 8s glue both together...let it dry...

14. add split rings and trebles...

15. Add Nice paint job

16. Catch 'em Fish and keep on Fishing

(IF there's any issues/ mistakes with my instructions.. I'm sorry)....


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The crankbait will be hollow if you want it to be hollow or a semi-solid/ solid type of crankbait depending on how much clay you place in the "shell" mold of the will determine the thickness of plastic chamber (inside) and body....

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