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      That is an awfully big question that is probably best answered by doing a search here or you tube. you will find a ton of info. When I first came here I read and reread a ton of posts and thats what I would recommend any body starting out to do it will save you a bunch of time and money. Some people get a little funny about people posting questions that have been asked and  answered a bunch already.

   Stencils can be made from anything but milk jugs and pop cans are a good place to start.

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Bester    14

I run my airbrush at 25-30 psi. Shrink tubing is really good for making stencils. Get it big enough, shrink it around your lure and cut features you want. The cut it in half to make it easier to use. 


Beware, the search function mob will be here shortly..........

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Seeking 56    31

You can do a dissertation just on how to make stencils, yet alone on how to paint lures with an airbrush....


How can you expect someone to take the time to answer open ended questions like that?


Read the " Observation rant " thread and you'll understand what ROWINGADUBAY and I are talking about.



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