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Bob I have seen those charts before showing the parabolic curve of the retrieve . I see your point in that no baits reached their maximum depth any eariier in the retrieve. The difference in depths in cranks as I understand it is a deep diver will travel farther in the vertical axis than the shallow runner given the both travel the same distance in the horizontal. The horizontal distance is the one your referring to I believe with 12 ft and 30ft from the boat. Now why is the deep diver getting deeper in the same distance traveled? Dive angle is a major component though not the only one. The steeper the angle the deeper a given  bait will go . 


As for getting deeper faster, I guess that depends on how you look at it. All deep divers get deeper faster than shallow runners even though they may well reach their maximum depth at the same time for a given length of line out. In a given foot of horizontal travel the deep diver may go a foot vertical and the shallow runner may only go a couple of inches. To me that is deeper faster. If you have two baits and one is designed to go 10 ft deep and another is designed to go 20ft deep and your casting in 5ft of water. You cast them both out the same distance from the boat and reel them in at the same speed using exactly the same gear, which one will reach the bottom first? 


Todays sinking fluorocarbon lines in  a small diameters makes a real difference in depth one is able to go. The more of it you have out the more of a difference it makes in the depth your able to achieve with  a given crankbait. 

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I originally was intrigued by the Sebile single hook crank, and wanted to see if I could build one that dove deep.

I added as much ballast as I needed to get 45 degree down angle at rest, but still buoyant, when I float tested my lures prior to painting.

The paint and top coat added a little more to the down angle, but the lures were still very buoyant and back out of snags nicely.

I actually got the idea for the bill from trying to adapt a square bill shape to Ben's deep diver bill, and it worked.  And a buddy in my club suggested bending the tip of the bill to make it dive faster and that worked, too.

The single hook design is snag free so far.  Unfortunately, it's still fish free, too.  Hahaha

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