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So i went to hobby lobby today and there was a iwata hpcs for 52 bucks because a customer said it was not spraying right. So first i thought what the heck ill give it a shot to see if i can fix it or see whats wrong with it for that price why not if worst came to i would return it so. .35mm tip by the way

- When i sprayed trans color it sprayed great when it came to pearls it would be really touchy to my drawback for paint then it would just come out way to fast! So my question really is i guess is the .35 tip to small for pearl paints? Whats your thoughts, and i took the AB apart and cleaned it personally and its spotless, the needle is straight everything tight. Help would like to get away with this brush for 50 bucks would definately make my weekend.

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i have the same brush and some pearls it does ok on and others it seems to struggle, esp the heavier flakes like auto air hot rod sparkles. Thinning a lil more than normal seems to help some with most pearls, like the standard auto air pearls, but not quite enough usually on the really thick/heavy ones. Cheapest solution to me would be to get a .5 needle and nozzle (like that fit the siphon feed eclipse) and it will fit in with no problem i have found. I have the hp-cs and hp-bcs and the needle/nozzle will swap between the 2 with no problem i have encountered. I do this some when i want to spray some havier paints but in smaller amounts. Its easier to clean an exra needle/nozzle than to clean 2 full brushes if i am only spraying small amounts, which is pretty normal for cranks.

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