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There are various styles that work and it depends a lot on the kind of wire you are using and how bendable it is.  I've seen heavy gauge single strand hard temper stainless wire put through the hole and bent back to form a simple loop line tie.  This is only feasible if you can bend heavy gauge wire accurately.  I've seen medium gauge hard or soft temper stainless fitted through two holes in the lip at the line tie and run back to the body.  I've seen twisted soft temper wire fitted through one hole in the lip and run back to the body.  I prefer working with soft temper .040" stainless wire and use the latter scheme.  Whichever method, you want to drill the hole (s)  in your lip to a diameter that makes a friction fit with the wire you are using.  I drill the hole slightly smaller than the wire with a Dremel tool and micro drill bit.  Then I put the 90 degree bend in the wire and twist it back and forth in the hole until it is enlarged just enough to force the wire through to the bottom.


How you handle securing the wire into the nose of the bait also can vary.  If I am building a split balsa lure, I often bend the end of the wire into an L shape, make a pocket in the lure to fit the wire, then glue it and the lip in when I join the bait halves back together.  Alternatively, you can make the wire part of a through-wire frame that includes the belly and tail hook hangers.  On hard wood lures, I usually make a slot in the back of the lip and bend the wire back over the top of the lip to make a strong "lip package" that can be glued into the bait after painting.  If you are using heavy gauge wire, it may be strong enough just to cut the end of the wire even with the back of the lip and glue it in when you mount the lip.  On deep divers when the line tie is far out on the lip surface and I am using soft temper stainless wire, I often run a bead  of epoxy along the wire at the bottom of the lip to reinforce its long run to the body.  So obviously, there are alternatives.  I'm sure others can chime in with other schemes.  They all work fine just depending on how well you can bend wire, what kind of wire you choose, and the look you want for your bait.   

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Can't really add anything to what Bob has already told you, but it might help to look at some of the lures in the gallery to give you an idea of what he's talking about. There are several different styles of line ties readily available for you to look at.



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