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Jointed Crankbaits

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Seeking 56    31

I've shaped some 12'' cylindrical style minnow baits and would like to make the joint on some of them diagonally like on those commercially manufactured swimbaits.  In my case it would only be one joint about 2/3 down the bait.


I would usually have some to test but these are too time consuming to sacrifice...


Anybody tried this type of joint on crankbaits? 


Thoughts, advice?




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BobP    832

I make the joint slant a little from the back forward so the joint is not obtrusive to a bass coming up from behind the bait.  I use interlocked hand-made screw eyes so the joint has good action.  Not sure how one would get a hinge to work properly on a slanted joint .

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mark poulson    1,700

I've made jointed cranks with the same hinge pin/screw eye method that I use on larger swim baits.  

I use sst 1" .072 screw eyes, and either sst spinnerbait wire or bicycle spokes for the hinge pins.

For really small cranks I use small sst cotter pins and spinnerbait wire, to cut down on weight, and only put a hook in the first section, so the hinging only has to make the tail swim, and doesn't get pulled on by the fish.

They swim fine, but they have all been "square" to the centerline of the bait, not angled.

Jackall makes a jointed crank with a slanted joint.  The top of the joint is closer to the head than the bottom.  I assume it's to allow more water flow and encourage more movement of the tail section, but I've never tried it myself.

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