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When attaching a wire line tie to a lexan bill, does the positioning have any bearing on how the lure performs. Such as depth or wiggle? My crankbaits are 2"-7" in length.

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Yes, the position of the line tie has huge effect on performance.  Even bending the line tie forward or backward by a millimeter will change the performance enough to be easily seen when swimming the bait.  On many commercial baits, the line tie is positioned between 40-50% of the distance from the nose of the bait to the tip of the lip.  That's a gross simplification.  If the line tie is too close to the nose, the bait will blow out and plane on its side.  Too close to the end of the lip, the bait will not have enough wiggle.  I recommend using a commercial bait that is close to the shape/size/lip configuration of your lure as a model when planning where to position the line tie, and then working from there on later versions to fine-tune the line tie position.

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