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trick trout

Rapala Foil?

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Candy-makers' foil is the thinest foil you can get easily. Get it in the candy making section of a craft store. You could get a bag of Hersey's Kisses. Eat the chocolate and save the foils.

Now, I'm guessing your next question is this: How do you get the pattern in the foil? Simply lay the foil on something that has the desired pattern and rub it with your finger. I used the checkering on a pistol handle. You could try a very fine grater, like a hard cheese grater. A wood rasp might work. How about a file, but you'd have to rotate the foil and rub it twice to get a crosshatch pattern. A fine comb could work, too.

You apply the foils to just the sides of the lure. Attach it with some glue. Burnish the edges. Spray with some transparent paint. Coat with your favorite finish.

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