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RayburnGuy    1,334

 Have you checked at Jann's Netcraft or Barlow's Tackle? There was a thread discussing a company that would cut custom lips a while back. Might try doing a search for it.



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bassguy    41

I've contacted Tap plastics and they charge a setup fee, (only fair) and then charge by the amount you want produced. I have yet to follow up on their offer, however, I'm still leaning that way due to the *&%$@ of a time when cutting them out by hand and sanding the edges to finish. I will get back to the TU group when I make the decision.



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sammy01007    17

Could a local Steel Rule Die Shop cut those lips. I had several around me when I lived in MA. Some even had water jets that would make a super clean cut. If all they have are laser, then the quality would depend on the ability of their laser and operator.


Another possability would be making a mold and casting them. If they need to be clear, this creates a challenge thats probably not worth exploring due to equipment costs. If they can be colored, then this would be an easy solution.

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