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Alright so the one thing I haven't tried is resin as I have no clue where to start with .... I know you need a mold and whatnot ...that part I can deal with .

But my question would be ..where to get resin . Can I possibly get it locally?

I know it's 2part right and some add micro bubbles ..but is it expensive to make baits this way?

I can get my hand on rtv ..but I was wondering if it would be possible to do resin baits in P.O.P. molds with a release agent sprayed on the inside ...

Reason why is I have a few baits I do carve but it takes a heck of a long time getting all the details in and I want to do this quicker ...

It would help me produce unique looking baits quicker ...

Another would be is there a resin that would be like semi translucent where I could possibly get some light through the bait like a husky jerk in the ghost colors ...like the ghost perch if I remember correctly ....

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But I have used the search option and haven't found what I was looking for unless I wasn't looking for the right thing ...

Any input is appreciated guys !

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I am not pushing Alumilite, I just think they are doing a great job of getting the begining lure maker (hobbist like me) started.


Check out their starter kit.  You can make a lot of lures with this kit and then you can move any direction you wish.



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Go with RTV for the mold material. The cast is likely going to get locked into the PoP mold. Resin does shrink, so you could get away with it.


Resin is clear, but heavier than water, which is why micro balloons are added, but these will make the resin opaque, so your see through lure idea is not going to happen.



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