How To Clean An Airbrush

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I wanted to know how thoroughly clean an airbrush, so I contactted Iawata service department and I talked to a gentileman called Kirk. Kirk was very friendly and willing to help any way he could. He said that at the factory they use a sonic cleaner, but he also said that there is a video on u tube made for Iawata on how to clean the brush.


Any way I am having difficulty on figuring out how to post the video link. Here are the instruction Kirk give me


Go to Google search and type the following words and it will come up


Airbrush Cleaning Lybecker


I also watched another video how to clean an airbrush using a jewlery sonic cleaner made by Kendal for around 40.00 dollars and that was great, I am defenetely get a sonic cleaner, should be easy the boss of the house would not mind she has lots of jewls to clean 


Cleaning air brush can be a pain this definetely helps



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