Looking For A Pistol Grip Airbrush

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I have found 2:

one is a Grex Tritium.TG3, Top Gravity Airbrush, 0.3mm Nozzle for only $209 :oooh:


I have found several like this one: 0.3mm Gravity Feed Pistol Trigger Airbrush Paint Gun for $59.99 :?


I have an Iwata HP-BCS after painting a lot this hurts my finger :cry:


Does anyone have one or know of one  that they like and is half way affordable?




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I know what you mean about the finger Dave-I have been using these for a while, a .35 and a .5, the .5 would spray a small car but the .35 has been great, and for your type of work we get two cups  - Small and large and just looking, it looks like and extra large plastic one on the .5,

I never got that :oooh: .


Review -



Buy here @ about $80 they have spares and some good filters too (may have to search)-





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Thanks Pete, I bought one like what you showed (not the same website tcpglobal) and it has 2 cups and 2 tips, .3mm and .5mm

I also had another reason to get one, my wife is going to help me paint and she was having trouble getting the hang of the air brush with the trigger on top.

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