Perfecting Soft Lures

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Made a few molds , now I need a couple of methods on perfecting my soft lures any suggestions welcome. Please help up and coming lure maker!

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First, it might help to put this in the soft plastic lure form and not the hard bait forum, but most of us probably visit both anyway.  LOL


What do you mean, perfecting them? 


If you mean perfecting the action, that depends on field testing.  Finding a group of talented friends to test your lures in the field is a great start.  Then, with the field testing results, you need to modify the blank to get the action you need, then make new molds. 


If you mean perfecting the pour, it depends on what is wrong with the baits.  If it is something to do with bubbles, that is one thing, but if you mean you are not getting complete fill, that is another.


So, can you perhaps fill in a little more detail about what you need to do to find "perfection"?  PS, no bait will ever be perfect, they can all be improved in over time.  HEHEHE

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