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Well i got my DN and Bloxegen  in and had a few cranks ready to dip. I went back over them with the heat gun again. They have been painted for a few days. I got them hanging and drying. Hope they turn out well. I did look at one and the finish looks great. Smooth and really glossy so far. How long do i need to let these hang and dry before i attempt to handle them? Thanks and i will report back on how they turned out.

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I found this using the search feature, I hope this helps.




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Posted 25 January 2009 - 02:53 PM

There are two hardening processes at work with DN. First is the solvent evaporating. Depends on temp but you can touch DN in a few hours and handle it in 5-6 hours. Heat will speed up drying but what the heck, we aren't talking about a long timeanyway. I can run my fingers lightly down the sides of a DN lure and feel how the drying is going by the difference in drag, just like with epoxy. It gets fairly slick in 24 hrs. Very slick in a couple of days. On recoating, you pays your money and takes your chances. I wait 24 hrs and never have a problem. I tried waiting 2 hours, then 8 hours, and got bubbles/wrinkling. Clearcoats benefit from a little patience.

When the DN has completely dried, it's about as hard and tough as you'd expect a standard polyurethane to be. But the REAL deal with DN is it's gonna get tougher as the moisture cure part of the process continues. That takes days, perhaps weeks, maybe even months to be 100% complete. How soon you throw it in the lake or pack to ship is up to you. I try not to abuse the bait for a week after coating.

Storage strategy depends on how fast you use DN and how you apply it. I dip and am a hobby builder so that's the worst case scenario. I use it slowly and need to keep it in a container big enough to dip from. I decant a quart into 2 tall 16 oz jars with GOOD air tight lids. I shoot Bloxygen into the jar just before I seal it, wrap foil around the top and secure it with a rubber band. So far, so good. I lost 2 partial quarts to premature cure after about 6 months of use, then decided to take extreme measures. Live and learn. Best case scenario is if you use DN fairly rapidly and you spray or brush it. Then you can decant a can of DNinto smaller jars and seal them securely, opening them in progression as you it up. No Problemo! Bottom line - It doesn't matter what you store it in as long as there is very little moisture laden air in the container. But remember, as you use the DN and the level in the container goes down, the void will be filled with SOMETHING.

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