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Dn On Factory Painted Lures

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I have a few store bought cranks that are scratched up and some that have a non gloss mattlike finish on them. Can you dip these lures in DN and make them glossy and protect them? Of course you would scuff up ones that had any kind of shine on them. But would it help protect them longer and keep them from getting scratched up worse? Just a thought i had.

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Yes, you can dip them and hang them up so the DN drips off the tail.  If you also cover a scratched plastic lip, it will make it clear again too.  If the lip is Lexan, the DN probably won't adhere well.  I wouldn't use it on soft-touch "rubberized" matte finish lures.  Scratches on lures disappear when the lure gets wet so I feel new topcoating is more for the fisherman than the fish, though it does serve to protect existing finish.  That said, when I have a "special fishing catching lure" (the ones you hide in the bottom of your box and only tie on when it really counts), I don't do ANYTHING to it because even tiny changes can effect its performance.

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