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D Bait/bomber Flat A

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I wanted one of these, but larger for striper season on the Susquehanna flats. I always wanted to make some for bass fishing, but made a larger one to see if the stripers will eat it. I basically made it in CAD and blew it up until it was 3 1/2", the original was 2 1/4" and this look 3 times the size plus the tail makes it look larger. It weighs about an ounce with a 3/8 ox belly weight and 4/0 Siwash hook. it dives to about 4'






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Nice work Rob.  It shows how a CAD program can help scale baits to particular needs.  I have no idea how a Big D-Bait will work on saltwater species but it's one of my favorites for bass!

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