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Dink Mendez

Robo-Oxblood Bottom

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 I have been trying to make a good oxblood color worm. Put the bottom of the worm. The salted part. Robo on their oxblood worm. They have a rootbeer/ burt orange / peanut butter bottom. I'v been trying but no success. Any help on just the bottom would be very helpfull. I know the salt  has something to do with it making it lighter. I NEED HELP!

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Which oxblood worm are you referring to?  I just remember the oxblood - red flake and the oxblood with a black vein.  If that's the right oxblood, I got REALLY close with Lure Craft Oxblood and MF Crayfish colors.  1 part LC to 3 parts MF.  I don't remember ever adding salt to that color though.........................

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          TOP-- red oxblodd

           bloodline- purple bloodline

          bottom- salted part--   like a burnt orange - peanut butter bottom- amber(mf) possible


             I'm trying to copy the bottom of the worm- salted part


            As for salt, when the bait is still in the mold, still boiling hot, I shake salt on the bait.

I believe ROBO worm using something similar that works for them. I just trying to get a close match on the bottom of the worm.

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