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Clearing Bills On Cranks

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Hey guys just wondering if etex will hold up on cranbait bills and other lipped baits. Have a hand full that I cleared the entire bait but haven't used em and was just wondering if I should continue with this any further. Thanks guys..........Joe

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I think it will hold up but would worry about yellowing.  I don't like to get Devcon Two Ton epoxy all over a lip because it will eventually yellow and will show an uneven appearance if it doesn't level out perfectly.  It also softens the sharp edges of the lip, which is not ideal for performance.  Maybe Etex is better in these areas, but I'm doubtful.  I do coat scratched plastic bait lips with moisture cured urethane.  It's very thin, levels out to completely disappear, and erases any factory scratches or sanding marks.  Lexan doesn't adhere very well to any epoxy or urethane, so I never put any topcoat on polycarbonate lips.

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I have a 1.5 that i put etex on the bait and bill. Been using it on every outing and so far it hasnt peeled. It does have a little rash on the tip of the bill from hitting rocks and other stuff but hasnt given way and just started peeling off. I would fish them Joe.

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