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Envirotex bubbles

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Only problem I have with your control area of the bait.......

It will yellow under the tape as well, it is a time thing also.

Like packaging in a bait shop where the owner is a pipe or cigar smoker.

Wish I could show you guys....Need pics. taken to post.

Scans will not work.

It is a good fast, hard surface, I can not take that away from it.

And as a glue it is tops.

When you test with ETEX please remember that there are some tricks you can learn.

But try it with a open mind and judge the finish for what it is and how it looks.

Heck I still use another "oldie but a goodie" for cranks when needed.

I am awaiting the results of the new stuff Chip was going to work with.

That UV harded.

Heck I even have used a mositure cure urithane, the wetter it gets the

harder it gets.

Very hard to work with, clean up is a killer.

Getting the can open 2 days in a row is a 50/50 chance.

Signed "The ETEX Devil"


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