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I'm reposting this on each forum:

Hey Everybody, I'm new to this site, I usually post on the BBC Boards. I'm really impressed with all the vast information on here, it's become really helpful for me. Currently I'm considering taking my hobby to a new level. I already do a lot customized paint schemes for people that want something more than what bass pro or other vendors offer. Fishing lures have always intrigued me and my dream since childhood has always been to become a lure manufacturer. Well now I'm thirty years old and I've decided to start pursuing this dream. I was recently contacted by a friend of mine whose brother bought a lure business from a man back in the 90's. It's scale consisted of several retailers along with a local wal mart. However, several years ago this man started having health issues and stopped the business all together. Unfortunately last year the man pasted away. His wife was left everything including all business and the equipment. Well I was asked yesterday if I would be interested in getting it from her. Well they didn't have to twist my arm much before I said yes. Right now I'm just waiting on price negotiating. If it all comes together I consider it a great blessing for me. Right now though I do have some questions about speeding up process, equipment I should look into buying and clear coats.
Right now I buy blanks or strip old lures then paint them. When it comes to scale masking what's a faster process? I've been told pad printing and if so where would I get the pad designs?

When it comes to clear coats I currently use either Devcon or MCU. Mainly only use devcon for greet applications. Is there a better way to do glitter then just devcon? And I want to find a more industrial type clear coat rather than MCU. What out there holds up better?

Finally equipment.....I want to speed up my process and still retain detail. I've thought about going to photo/foil applications because it does seem faster than painting but I'm open to suggestions. I'm also currently looking for thin holographic foil with an adhesive side(or without if I have no other option), , does anyone on here know of a retailer that I can buy that from?

Again I'm looking and hoping for any good, sound advice that anyone can give me. I'm gonna do my best to try to make the business work. I know a lot of big dreams have small beginnings and this is Hondas just take a lot of time and money to make happen. But God willing it's gonna happen. Thanks for any info.           

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