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16 lb Urethane is tough stuff, and more.

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Husky    13

I only took plugs that I made over the winter. All were made of 16 lb Expandable foam. The action of the swimmers were excellent but the weed problem nixed their usage, I had one PP type 6" 1 oz wh/ red head with me. After about a half hour of playing with it, it became obvious that I didn't top coat it :pissed: I wound up stripping it and was left with an amber unfinished PP.

Birds were working Heavily, all of the in coming tide and I was told that Bass hit the beach the 2 previous days so I hung out, all day. About 3:30 I saw birds working closer to shore, about 1/4 mile south of me. I hurried down and as I got there is saw fish and birds working. 1st cast with the PP landed a 6+ lb Blue. Other guys using the plastic Commercial Ballastic were getting fish, too but not nearly with the frequency that I was. Then, the whole place erupted, just like a Primo Fall Blitz of Blues. I got one every cast and had the plug knocked around with many missed strikes. A family was walking ther beach, Dad with his video recorder Mom, a teenage girl and a boy about 8. I saw the boy gawking at the display, as I cast and hooked up, again. I called him over and handed the rod over to him, with me lending some muscle and know how. He managed to land a 6+ pounder and then we found out that his dad caught the whole thing no tape. That was the most fun, fishing, I ever had, nailing that fish, with the kid, on my naked PP.

The moral of the story is sometimes "Naked is Best! " :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

BTW, the Urethane Foam held up better than a wood Gibbs PP and didn't even have a scratch on it. The thru wire that was casted in was as good as new, too.

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RiverMan    10

That's great Husky! When you mentioned the kid in the story the first thing I thought was "let him catch one", you were ahead of me on that one! One time years ago I was fishing for Chum salmon at night. This family of folks were standing near me, a dad, mom, young gal maybe 14 and a son a bit younger. Anyway, they couldn't catch a single fish with their bait outfits and I was hooking fish literally every single cast with a fly! The salmon were from 8-15 pounds and strong fighters. I hooked fish for three hours that night letting the young gal and man take turns fighting them, all of us had a blast!

Congrats on the fishing and the lure!


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