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Looking For Label Advice

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No. But I'm in the same situation too. I'm hoping someone replies to your post because I would also like to know. Trying this on your own is pretty tough. My daughter and I have been schetching out drawings for the background picture but it would a lot simpler to have a software to help.

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Label Factory by Nova Development. Got it from Office Depot, $39.99 at the time. Excellent, does most Avery labels and can be selected by number from the templates list. You can select a stock label, change it and save it as custom. Very flexible with barcodes.  Or build your own from scratch using the template.


Only drawback is developing logo's. Use version 3 and cannot layer graphics into a single item. Maybe the later version's can. I use Publisher Pro to develop logo's, convert to Jpeg picture and paste into a label on Label Factory.


Some open source software available. Search sourceforge.net or download.com for label programs.


Just made a logo for a customer using seven different clips, layered them on a freehand drawn lake. Printed out custom cut thick stock for their packaging using a color laser printer.



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Hi Guys,


We are just getting situated as a sponsor on the site and we noticed this post. Some of our sellers are using Onlinelabels.com and they have a free web based label designer that also does works for bar codes and possibly QR or Quick Response codes. http://maestro.onlinelabels.com/designer/maestro.aspx


Hope this helps,



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