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I have tried this product and have been having nothing but problems with it. If I mix it the way they say to, it won't go through my air brush. When I thin it done so that it will spray it just runs off the blades. Help!

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I shoot it with a Badger 150 0.5mm tip thinned 50/50 ~30 - 32 psi.  Very light coats. On nickle plated blades, I usually soak them in lacquer thinner or run them thru my tumbler with a bit of SiC abrasive to remove any protective coatings.


IMO If your coating is running off, spray is too heavy or your blades are contaminated.  It is a bit tricky but very light thin coats are best.  When I do Vibe blades, 3-5 coats fan dried between for 5-10 mins between coats.

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