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Tackle Underground Advertiser Guidelines

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Advertisers, please read this and familiarize yourself with these guidelines!


In an effort to maintain continuity in the TU community, here are the guidelines for TU advertisers. Keep in mind that these guidelines can be changed without notice and they will be enforced without prejudice!


Advertisers are allowed to post occasional specials and sales, but prices cannot be listed.

Once the sale is posted, no further posts can be made about that sale. ie: no posts mentioning that the sale will end in a specific number of days, the sale has been extended, etc.

Advertisers are encouraged to take part in forum conversations, but not solely for the purpose of promoting their business.

Any content added to forum topics should be relevant and should add to the topic of conversation, without blatantly promoting their products or services. The only exception to this is when making a post to announce a sale, discount or special.

Advertisers who abuse this privilege or break the rules will be warned. If the behavior continues, the advertiser will have their account banned temporarily.

When the temporary ban is lifted, if the advertiser continues to abuse the privilege, their account will be permanently banned and their advertising account will be terminated.

Advertisers, keep in mind that when you become an advertiser on Tackle Underground, you are already benefiting from the exposure your banner ad gets. This alone is enough value for the price your ad costs you.

Anything we allow you to do above and beyond that is a bonus and a privilege, not a right or an entitlement.

If we see that this privilege is being abused, it will be removed, with no questions asked.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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