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Does it matter...?

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I use Devcon 2 ton as a sealer and as a final clearcoat. It works well - it hides all the wood grain in one coat and completely seals the lure. You really need to sand it down good before you paint though. The only concern would be that on small lures, too many coats of epoxy can hinder the action, and in extreme cases, turn a slow floater into a slow sinker. I don't mess much with other sealers because there is too many ways to screw up and have a nasty reaction with the different paints. Good Luck with your nice looking swimbait!

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The type of sealer really dosen't matter, unless you are

using balsa wood. I have used all types of sealer on my

baits. From Bullseye shellac to polycrylic. If you sand them

down, you can use waterbased undercoating on any of them.

You will not get a reaction using waterbased paint over any

type of coating.


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