Dehooker For Inwater Release Of Jigs/lures

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Most in-the-water dehookers are designed to slide down a line to single hook.  Looking for

a design to work for jigs with treble hooks or assist hooks on the end.  Pliers would work but not ideal for in-the-water release.  Need something that's at least 2 feet long with some kind of 

bent wire on end.  Any ideas?

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I'm assuming you mean 'de-snagging' a lure from brush pile's etc??? Lot's of home made versions around here--they all have a lead weight  (about 1 lb) and slide down the line with some heavy string line/ or cable attached--at the base of the weight we attach about 3 or 4 lengths of light chain (apx 1' long), not dog chain, something a bit lighter like the chain they hang florescent lights off.

The theory is :- the weight drops with the chain trailing, it hits the lure and the chain keeps dropping, then wraps around the lure (and everything else), the chain links pick up one of the trebles, you yank it up and free the lure (and usually bend a treble) --I think you would get 80-90% retrieval rate with one of these.

There is also a few light fibre glass and aluminium poles with extension pieces which all up  go down to about 15', just add another length !! These also have hooks or chains on the end.

Hope I am not telling you "how to suck eggs".


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