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question for the microwave lure makers...

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I bought a qrt. of Zeiner plastic, and I have yet to try it.

Anyway my question is how do you keep your Microwave plastic from

cooling? I been pouring in only 2 molds at a time, then I have to wait for them to cool, do you melt a lot of plastic and pour into a bunch of molds?? I know that if you keep reheating the plastic you scorch it...

Thanks again!!

VF :twisted:

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You can reheat the plastic as much as you want and it wont scorch. it will generally scorch only if you over heat it. but not by reheating it.

I know thats how calhoun, lure craft and m-f work, dont know about zeiners, but I am sure its the same.


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Actually Al, your probally correct if you are big into production (as you are), but it's MF that jacks up the price for the guy that just wants to make worms for himself and friends, or even someone that hopes to go into business someday, but for now is still experimenting with custom colors, plastic formulations, etc.

A Comparison on some common items:

MF Zeiner's Barlows Janns

1oz color 3.90 2.99 3.29 2.25

2oz glitter 4.45 3.49 3.99 2.49

1gal plastic 48.15 34.99 32.99* ***

1qu. soft. 17.10 12.99 ** 11.69

cost to ship

1gal plastic: 8.50 5.95 6.85

note that while zieners is all mf, * = barlows plastic and hard/softner may not be, but colors and glitter are. 88 = Barlows does not carry softener by the quart and *** Jann's relabels under their own name, I'm not sure who makes (i asked in another post, but no-one answered)

Lastly shipping may vary by order, for example mf's tops out as long as it's not too heavy or bulky, while zeiners continues to rise..and barlows varies on shipping zone

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Very True. MF's price on one gallon is outrageous. It's obvious that they force the average person to buy in large quantities. You have to be very careful where you buy from though. Not sure about Jann's or Barlows, but I'm guessing at least one of them (if not both) sell 3-G plastic, which is a very poor plastisol. Bottom line is you get what you pay for. In my opinion, MF and Calhoun are really tough to beat.


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As I said, I'm not sure of Jann's supplier, which is why I had asked in an earlier post...As for Barlow's the color and glitter ARE mf, and as I said I don't know about their plastic/hard/softener...

Zeiners DOES however carry the mf product line at a much cheaper price than mf, at least in small quantities...

I'm not saying one plastic is better than another, just that saying Zeiners inflates their prices compared to mf is INNCORRECT and in fact just the opposite, mf inflates their prices compared to Zeiners...

That said, I've not made an order from Zeiners yet, so I've no idea about service ecetera, just that they're cheaper...

Also I noticed that the mf catalog states that they prefer you buy from one of their retailers, so perhaps this is why...

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