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Brent R

Your Favorite Swim Jig

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Since no one uses 

V&m Cliff Pace The Pulse Pacemaker Swim Jig



What is your favorite swim jig. I have be throwing the Strike King swim jigs but the eyes fall off and the hooks suck. Any help would be helpful.




Thanks Brent

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Snootie jig. Either pour them yourself or you can but them already made and all you have to do is powder paint them. I'm sure there are plenty of guys that sell them finished also.


A lot of guys really like the Poison Tail (also a Do-it mold) which is what I think the picture in Gloomisman's post.

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With all the people on this site and i get 3 people to respond.  Thanks so much for the ones who took the time to respond..... :worship:


I didn't respond because I make my own and just about everyone here does so and it looked as if you were talking about production models which I don't use anymore. I will say however that I currently use 4 different swim jigs and I like them all, I really don't have a favorite, they are all for certain conditions. I use the Poison tail in the 3/8oz size as a swim jig, this is my lethargic bass and bass in wood cover swim jig, the reason I use it for that is because I can put a rage craw trailer on it and swim it and it has a ton of action but it is also a good jig to bottom bounce and crawl so if the fish doesn't want to chase I'll often stop it next to a laydown or a stump and then fish it like a regular jig as it has the craw like profile with the rage craw on it and that has worked a lot for me. The Snootie is my heavy grass swim jig, it has a ball collar but I actually tie the skirt slightly higher and then use a dab of super glue on the end of the ball and push my trailer up onto the ball and I never had one come off. That Snootie  comes through grass better than any jig I ever used and it is one of the most versatile, I use the 3/8oz and 1/2oz sizes for heavy grass and it excels at that, I also use that jig for flipping as well. The grass or casting jig, it has two names as in one catalog it is listed as a grass jig while the side of my mold says casting jig, well I love this as it is my "northern style" swim jig, I use the 1/8oz and 3/16oz as finesse swim jigs for clear water smallmouth and the 1/4oz I use both smallmouth and largemouth, this is the best producer with a small swim bait as a trailer as it runs very true, it is the jig that sold me on having dedicated swim jigs. You can swim any jig but the casting jig made me realize that jigs designed to swim are better than just flipping or normal jigs used for swimming, the reason is the orientation of the head,I noticed a lot of jigs want to ride with the hook down and head up, a result of a lot of jigs that use large hooks but a swim jig has a balanced head with a hook to make it ride level with the trailer and the casting jig does it well. The last one is my new one, it is the Trokar Pro Swim jig, this in my "California style" swim jig, it uses a heavy hook like the Snootie but this has a flat eye. This swim jig is for dirty water and heavy cover like limbs, stumps, and laydowns, this jig in 1/2oz gets a 5" swim bait trailer, the skirt is fuller as I normally run 35 to 40 strands in my other swim jigs, this one gets 55. I presents a big profile and crashes into and around cover instead of slipping through it, and it has been great in the role I use it, not to mention the smaller 1/4oz makes a fantastic bladed swim jig. So there are my 4, sorry for the long explanation but it is why I use 4 separate swim jig models, they are very effective and using the right one for conditions will get you many more bites.

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Thanks for the reply's. And thanks for all the info Smalljaw. That kind of info was what i was really looking for. I have been using several different ones lately and have been doing real well with them. But i was wondering what others were using so thanks everyone.


take care, Brent

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