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Intro - Hey, From Nw Ontario

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Hello All,


It's high time I introduced myself and wade in to the murk. I've enjoyed lurking here for quite awhile now. I'm obsessed (wife's word) with the idea of tackle making. And at the same time, a little paralysed by the endless paths a person can take. 


I only started fishing (really) about 4 years ago after finding myself laid up for awhile from ankle surgery with nothing to read except fishing magazines. The incident was taken a sign to 'slow down' a little. Shortly after we bought a nice family fishing boat... even though I've lived near Lac Seul (NW Ontario) for almost 20 years. My wife grew up in this area and loves fishing. Our 4 year daughter loves the boat. A great fit. Now that I fish (walleye), I can't believe I wasted all those years.


What started as a bit of tackle here and a bit of tackle there... ended up in a basement full of craziness. It's mainly a distraction from work stress and so far it has really worked well for me.


Coincidentally, I've been hoarding materials like cedar for years before finally realizing that I need to 'make tackle' with it. Then I bought a neighbour's entire inventory of spinner and jig supplies and equipment. I've been scrounging lead. (I'm up to 1000 lbs of lead). Some 20 molds (thanks Painter1). Lee pot. etc. etc. Recently, I got some starter supplies for soft plastics and musky spinners. (I don't fish Musky, but have friends who do. I don't intend to get sucked into THAT vortex.) Heavy boxes from LPO show up on my doorstep every now and then. Stuff to experiment with over the winter.


But I'm to the point where I have to actually start doing something instead of just thinking about and planning all the time or my wife will have me committed. Lol. The 12' x 14' heated shed in the backyard will become a semi-permanent 'lab' in a month or so. It needs better lighting and ventilation yet. Then I will have a safe place to play and spray stuff that really has no business in the basement.


So, thanks everyone for sharing all the great info that I've come to enjoy reading here on TU. It is the source of much inspiration. I will have some questions for you soon.



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Welcome to TU Kmer. There's enough info here to keep you busy for many, many years. It sounds like your well on your way to late nights huddled over a work bench putting together your latest experiment. Just remember. There is no 12 step program for lure builders so try to keep the maniacal laughs down to a minimum or your wife will have you committed. :D



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"Since the day we are born, we never stop learning but only if we choose to stop learning then we have closed our mind to the vast possibilitys of what were capable of doing.."

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