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Sealing molds What to use?

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I paint a light coat of fiberglass resin on my molds, but I don't use plaster anymore. Durhams water putty is far superior to plaster in both strength and detail it captures. It is more expencive though. I make my trail molds out of plaster, then make a good one in Durhams after I get all the bugs worked out. I coat all molds with the fiberglass resin, It dries fast and has a great shine. I use a little asatone for thinning and clean up

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Did you shake the can well? Mine is from Big W. I set mine out in the sun for several hours between coats. It's running in the upper 90's here. I did some last winter, and it did take a while to dry. When dry it gives a real high gloss finish to the baits. If it will take the heat of an engine it should take what we can dish out on plastic.


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TM... About coating the molds with resin... If your making a two part mold, make sure you get a real thin and smooth coat of resin on the mold. My first attempt with this had some uneven areas that caused the two pieces of the mold to not come together all the way... Most of the baits turned out ok, but a few had some seapage along the edges. I was able to trim the baits, but its still annoying to have to do this. Also, i took some sand paper and smoothed out some of the uneven areas of the mold, and that helped.

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