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Erick Darkman Prado

List Of Lure Mold Companies

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On 11/29/2019 at 12:09 PM, rixon529 said:

Back to the original topic: "List of life mold companies" - fatguysfishing.com.


fat guys makes some great molds, and they have a ton that aren't on their website, they have many that (so far) are only available through facebook

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This is a formatted list of what I found that's still in business and sells molds.. among other things:

  • do-itmolds.com       
  • zeiners.com       
  • lurecraft.com
  • basstackle.com
  • baitjunkys.com
  • stores.jacobsbaits.com
  • ultramolds.com
  • enforcerbaitmolds.com
  • jannsnetcraft.com
  • lurepartsonline.com
  • anglingai.com
  • fishingluremolds.com
  • cncmolds.com
  • baitmold.com
  • barlowstackle.com
  • fatguysfishing.com

I wasn't able to edit the initial post, but I removed a bunch that were no longer in business or their websites didn't work... I don't really patrol facebook for mold companies, maybe there are some out there that are easy to deal with and will make it worthwhile for me to actually look for them.


I hope this list helps others, I'm sure it'll at least help me when referring back to the molds I'd like to buy.

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1 hour ago, Socal399 said:

There’s a newer company out called epic molds anyone order from them as of yet? 

I saw them on marling baits video, looked into them a bit. The molds look really good I just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

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