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Hey Yall!

I mentioned that I would showcase some of the items that I am preparing for Joel St. Germain for the upcoming Federation Tourneys that will hopefully get him back to the CLASSIC next year!

Here is a portion of what he will be taking with him. These were completed today (AFTER I WATCHED THE CLASSIC ALL DAY ON ESPN). I will be topcoating clear sealer and will show you the finished products after they are hooked and ringed.


When the clearcoat goes on, the color really comes out.... Just like clearcoating a car paintjob!

Be back with updates! Aw.... And Man! What a Classic Finish!I was rooting for Van Dam or Quinn but Omori sure died and went to heaven eh? Great Classic as always!

By the way, Joel took first and third in back to back tourneys the past week! We have the momentum going!

Yall Take Care!

Chip :)

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