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Hi. First post here.


I've wondering about a lip/bill modification that I've seen done on some of the rebel deepwee crawfish crank baits. Megabass particularly adds a bearing into the cylinder under the lip. Has anyone here done something similar with different bills? I was going to give some extremely tough marine style adhesives a try, anyone have any good idea on how this could be done best?


Notice the Deep Wee crawfish bill in this picture if you don't understand what I mean.



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I built a few cranks with a lead weight in the lip. Thought I had posted pictures of them, but can't seem to find them. What I did was to use solid core solder that I think was 1/8" in diameter. A 1/8" hole was drilled through the lip where I wanted the weight. If the solder was a little too big for the hole I would roll the solder between two hard surfaces to reduce the diameter as well as straighten it. The solder was then cut so that was a little longer than the thickness of the lip. The lead was centered in the lip and then hammered down on itself much like a hammer driven rivet. By riveting the solder no glue was necessary. Depending on how much weight you want to add different sizes of lead wire could be used. Lead wire is available at McMaster-Carr in different diameters.


When I was playing around with the weight in the lip it was more about altering the center of gravity in the bait than it was about trying to get the lip heavier for a more downward angle.



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