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Rodney Jordan

Aaron Martins Classic Lure

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Rodney, Im not disputing your info by any stretch of the imagination. I too have heard the same concerning Six Mile, SC. Ive also heard that the bait is called a Fish Head made by Rick Steckelberg phone # (770) 503-7349.

If you ever find out for sure, please let us know...I will do the same!

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Rodney,I dont want to dispute anyones info to you but heres the Gospel on Aarons lure.Aaron did not use a bladerunner.He did try it but decided it needed more.He took the pony head mold,which is what the Bladerunner is made from and modified the hook and blade placement.He says that he intends to market the product when he's finished prototype modifications. Its true the Bladerunner is very very close to it.

The Bladerunner is designed be used with a fluke attached.It is very effective on schooling fish and suspended fish around verticle structure.(Hint-Hint) Aarons pattern. It has a few drawbacks and needs to be retrieved slow.

Bladerunners are and always have been made by Blademaster Lures/Suddeth Crankbaits.(Blademaster formally owned by Tracy Watkins then purchased by Joey Baskins who Also now owns Suddeth)Not tooting my horn but I modified the Do-It mold for Joey(owner of Blademaster)to make the Bladerunner.It had to be modified to get around Blakemores design since they own the design

and have limitations on legally making the lure for re-sale

You can find Bladerunners at Port Tronics Fishing World in Greenville SC.If you cant find them email me I will send you a few to try.

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