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Pumpkinseed Sunfish

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Does anyone have a good recipe for painting a pumpkinseed sunfish with Createx Paints?  I have been working at it for a while but have yet to find one I like.  If you would rather keep your recipe private and just share it with me, feel free to pm me.  Any help is greatly appreciated!



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I paint a few different pumpkinseed patterns because I've caught and seen all kinds of variations of them. One of them is this:

Base coat white (kind of obvious lol)
Belly: Sunrise Yellow dusted with Pearl Orange OR  Transparent Orange
Body: Iridescent Aqua
Apply whatever size scale masking you prefer and LIGHTLY spray an extra thinned Transparent Light Brown.
Remove scale masking and lightly spray the backside of the bait with Transparent Dark Brown.
Add the ear with whatever method you prefer (stencil, hand painted etc). I hand paint mine with an opaque paint pen.
With a very small paint brush I dip the tip into the Iridescent Aqua and create the gill plate design.
Finally set your pressure low and spray a light Detail Smoke Black (or a thinned transparent black) just around the eyes.
Add red eyes, clear coat and hardware!


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