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W.E.C. Zoom Crankbaits

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Posted 06 October 2005 - 07:40 PM

skeeter just wanted to let you know steve blazer is not dead he is a close friend of mine . he is also responsible for my lures that i make being the quality that they are. he is also responsible for the design of the old poes rc1-rc3 despite what rick clunn says .we were at a show in knoxville tennessee when clunn took some of steves plugs without his permission.the rest is history i know this to be the truth i was standing there with him.so makers beware of the pros all they want sometimes is to steal your designs i know i some designs of my own taken from me dt series is not a new design i had it ten years ago so be careful who you share the workings of your lures with it might come back under someone elses name

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Posted 07 October 2005 - 07:16 AM


Thanks, I did not know that. I understand that he sold the rights to the tapp to Ed Chambers. Is that correct? I would love to talk to Steve. Does he still make baits? How old is he?

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Posted 07 October 2005 - 05:18 PM

Hey JawJacker! It's great to actually talk to someone who know's Steve Blazier.Every now and again the topics about Tuffy Baits comes up as well as the Tapp.I have almost commented on both subject but for lack of a "clear story" have avoided it.

Since I do a good bit of custom painting I get alot of baits over the years.Many of the customers will tell me "take good care of these,they are original tuffy's " or "tapps"
So I set out to get educated on these baits.I talked at length with the guy running Tuffy Baits now up in TN.While he had alot of praise for Steve he also told me of alot of the misfortunes the two of them encountered.

I think one of the questions I asked was why I had seen so many versions of a Tuffy?I had seen some that were really nice, and some that were total crap.I had good information that Blazier made this bait originally.

I was also wondering why Sisson was making them.The guy mentioned that there was a time way back then that demand was so high that they were forced to employ outside help to manufacture and that eventually led to trouble.I will not mention all the details here but got the impression this guy was not giving the whole story.I dont know why I get this feeling but I kind of feel Steve got the short end of the deal!

I really hate that there are two or three people making what they call a Tenn-Tuffy.
From what I here about Blazier,If he is not involved in the bait business at this time,he could probably do well once again.

And although Skeeter is correct about Lexington being the crankbait capital,I do no that it was Blazier and Fred Young that paved the way for crankbait use and design for the future. I have tracked the birth of the Flat Sided Crank Bait and I believe that much of the history can be traced back to a couple of guys with Blazier being a very important part of this and Tennessee being the area alot of this took place.

I am sure this all sounds petty but I would love to be able to talk to Mr.Blazier some time.It must be cool to have him as a friend.Glad to see you on board here.Maybe you can shed some light on these subjects I mentioned if they come up again.

BTW I have 12 Tuffy's and 8 Tapp's that i believe to be originals.Guess it would break my heart to find out they were not.

Oh!- The Tapp bait was named after Ronnie Tapp wasn't it?

Take Care! Blades