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Hi guys new here


I was painting a bunch of baits a week ago an when I was done like always I run really hot water an spray it threw my gun than I run a jar of air brush cleaner threw it than hot water again as well as my cup.I have an iwata eclipse with the cup attachment below.Well I tried painting today an the paint wont suck up in the cup threw the needle.Not sure what I can do to fi this.I ran a toothpick threw all the holes everything is clear where I can see light threw it still doesn't work.


What can I do to fix any info id really appreciate need to paint asap

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If your shooting water based paint I would suggest you get some Createx Airbrush Restorer and soak the front end of your airbrush (everywhere that paint gets to) in the restorer overnight. After soaking do a thorough cleaning. I used the airbrush cleaner for a while, but was not impressed with it. Since switching to acetone to clean my brush I stopped having problems associated with a dirty airbrush. I use the acetone in the final cleanup as well as using it to clean the brush between color changes when spraying for extended periods of time or using paints, such as black and white, that have a lot of pigment in them.


The trick is to find a cleaning regimen that works for you and sticking to it. It's much easier to keep a brush clean than it is to deal with it getting dirty from time to time. Not only is it much less frustrating the brush will spray better as a result of being kept clean.


good luck,




p.s. I would advise against sticking foreign objects (toothpicks, needles, cotton swabs, etc.) into your airbrush as they can end up doing more damage than good.

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