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Yes - They obviously can't print starting in thin air, so the assemblies are actually joined with thin filaments. These are easily broken when the joint is forced to move for the first time.


Another example - if you are printing a sphere: at the start, the overhang is too great and cannot be printed. The post processor takes the sphere model and adds in support pieces that after printing can be cleaned off. This applies to any structure with overhangs.


This is were the designer must have knowledge of the manufacturing process and design accordingly. There are many examples of the difference between drawing a part and designing a part. Here are three examples:


Mold design - the sides of the part must have draft angle, so the part can be removed from the mold.


spot weld design - the parts to be welded must allow access to the spot welder.


Bolted design - the parts to be bolted must allow access to the bolting tools/spanners/sockets.



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